Robots Are Better Traders Than You?
“The time will come when no human investment manager will be able to beat the computer.”
David Siegel, Co-founder of quantitative fund Two Sigma, manages $40 billion - 2015”

Here's What to Expect:
  • The only way to access this opportunity without spending millions of dollars and years of effort
  • Why this approach is not only gaining traction, but why it's here to stay.  The future is now 
  • How you will need to adapt, or suffer from poor performance with your portfolio getting left behind
  • The secrets of the Wall Street pros and how you to utilize advanced technology
  • Easily create a personalized portfolio of diverse strategies 

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Presented By:

Jim Henderson

Senior Trading Advisor
Series 3 Licensed Since 2004
"Investors Can’t Beat the Machines"

“Now it’s a supercomputer you’re competing with...and will almost certainly lose.”
Terrance Odean, UC Berkeley, Finance Professor, article

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