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Presenter:  Jim Henderson
Senior Trading Advisor For 14 years.  Series 3 Licensed

Dear Trader,

I have traded millions of contracts with my clients, presented countless webinars and at live events around the country.  Watch this live workshop as I demonstrate in live markets a revolutionary new method for systematically trading directional and income generation strategies.  You've never seen anything like it.  I look forward to seeing you soon!

Jim Henderson

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LIVE online workshop:
 Revolutionary solution for systematic investing in all market conditions.
Tuesday, December 11
@ 11:00 AM EST
What You Will Learn From This Live Online Workshop:
Secret #1: Less is More

Trading platforms with hundreds of bells and whistles, multiple training courses, data fees, subscriptions, endless pundit advice and too many markets/strategies are barriers.  You can toss all of that aside.
Secret #2: Experience

We've traded millions of contracts.  We've seen a lot.  And now, we've made that experience available to you!
Secret #3: Not glamorous
You have a day job, a family, a life and other interests.  You really don't want to be a full-time trader.  But, you CAN do this in only MINUTES a day!
What Our Clients Are Saying...
"I was introduced to Altavest through a referral from a very professional training program I was taking in options.  After two years of experience with trading options, I was interested in putting some money into the futures market, but was hesitant to venture there on my own.    Altavest has exceeded my expectations with their pre-selected Theta trades.  I receive trade recommendations via text, and I can accept, pass, or give a call to my broker for more information.  Responding to an alert takes but a minute or two; a chart and the parameters are provided, and I do not need to spend time at my computer trying to define my next trade.  My broker (and I) both live out West, but neither of us are “cowboys”; dealing with someone who has great experience and skin in the game gives me confidence in the trades, and we go forward, one base hit at a time."
R. R. 
“With my busy schedule Altavest is the ideal platform...allows me to see how my trades are going in an instant. I love the trade alerts keep me informed when I am traveling and the staff are always there to help when I need more information."
"ThetaTrader is a superb trading platform and I applaud the attempt to make it even better.  It allows a person who has minimal trading experience to enjoy the benefits of sophisticated trading including the use of options with futures. This system will provide better than 15 to 30 % annual growth in a safe manner.  It takes a little time to become familiar with the website. This is because of the detailed information provided. Once one learns the essentials, there is great solace in having account details available immediately and at all times. Also, the brokers are affable and freely available."
J. R.    
" …"I have been a long time client of Altavest, I have found their guidance, professionalism and trading tools are second to none." 

"I am customer of Altavest since from beginning, 1999, and I am really thankful to all Altavest staff..They are always present, they help me in all ways, they are really professionals.  I never had a problems with them. I strongly suggest everybody who want start to trade in commodities markets to open an account with them. I have know many other brokerage house, but I will never change because in Altavest you know you will always receive and answer to your call." 
A.D., Italy  

"...have been a satisfied client of you and Altavest since about 2001. You have done a good job of answering questions promptly, thoughtfully and in an understandable manner which I appreciate."  

"I have been with Altavest for 13 yrs and they have been a professional team making trading more pleasurable and easy. My questions have been answered swiftly and courteously. They are a great   bunch of people who know the how to treat their clients." 
B. D., CA
"I have been doing iron condor trades for over 6 years.  The Risk Thermal Indicator is the best tool for monitoring trades.”
B. B.

"You and your staff have been professional and helpful every step of the way. The trading results are steady and profitable.    Thank you," 
V. H. 
" …able to develop a strong relationship of trust. I’m very pleased with the service and results… "   
K.W., CA       

At the outset, I was somewhat nervous to place my hard earned money with Altavest as I was a rookie investor and I couldn’t rely on my limited understanding to accurately judge their unique system. It turns out I made a super lucky decision to trust them. Their brilliant algo-trading system never failed me and neither did my helpful Altavest advisor who was as patient as a saint and never made me feel like the simpleton I was when it came to trading. The process was consistently smooth, well explained and easy to understand, and I’ve been very pleased with the results. The wonderful people at Altavest guided, inspired and impressed at every turn.    Wishing you the best,
G. R.

"I started with Altavest back in 2012, Mike has treated me very well. He responds timely to my emails...Anytime I have called ...he has been very helpful explaining the most current fundamentals related to the trade. After talking with Mike, it is easy to see that he really cares about this industry and helping his clients make smart trades."  S.D.   

“I have had an Altavest account for about 10 years. Their brokers and agents have always been very helpful and responsive.  I monitor my account closely (about 30 minutes/day total). When a trade gets in trouble they contact me in a timely manner.  They have given me very profitable tips and advice over the years. Recently they have incorporated a broader spectrum of market analysis, and trade alerts which has included suggestions on a wider variety of types and combinations of trades. The staff has been invaluable in continuing my education in trading index options. The site is constantly improving and client suggestions and comments are taken into considerations."
A. M.  

"For someone with a busy life who doesn't have time to sit in front of the computer Altavest is perfect.  Depending on market conditions they have good strategies.  Any questions you always have an account rep. who is there for you."
Jeff, PA
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Servicing futures and options traders since 1997.   
Offices in CA, UT, and IL.

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